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A Women’s Business Clinic

Enterprise. Sustainability. Growth. (ESG)

A Business Clinic one stop shop providing access to expertise, market and finance to women business owners.

ESG provides women business owners with tools to improve their business performance through facilitation, representation and advisory services. We pride ourselves in being able to add value to actually grow your business.

Backing women is good business

Women’s formal ownership of SMEs currently stands at around  a-third of all registered SMEs in Africa. Women-owned SMEs are also more likely to have lower sales, fewer employees, and smaller sizes than enterprises owned by men. Nigeria has the highest number of female entrepreneurs in the world.

Access to funds is one of the biggest challenges for women business owners. It is a fact that improving financial support for women would increase the number of new businesses, which in turn, would boost economic activity, enable the expansion of existing businesses, leading to increased productivity and growth.

Why is it so hard for women to access funds:

Property rights and control over assets Legal regulations and customary rules

Cultural norms and family responsibilities

Banks are biased towards giving women loans because they think that they are inexperienced and therefore less attractive clients. Studies have shown that men are twice as likely to secure finance compared to women.

Women generally lack knowledge on the financial options available to them.

Our Goal

Increasing access to finance for women-owned or operated businesses is a sound strategy for financial institutions if they are to establish a foothold in the SME space. Therefore, supporting women entrepreneurship by means of training and granting financial support is a key step to take towards guaranteeing the contribution of women to national economic development.

Why ESG - Women’s Business Clinic

Given the challenges faced by women business owners, we are committed to helping our clients reach their full business potential. Because female entrepreneurs are often faced with numerous challenges, which include access to funding and insufficient business management skills, we are here to help. Driven by experience and passion, our consultants are equipped to get through those challenges and harness the opportunities to understand and grow your business.

Globally, women-owned businesses are being recognized as engines of growth that can assist in fueling economic recovery.

A focus on serving women in a bid to drive financial inclusion is a business model and not just an obligation.